Equity & Inclusion


Equity & Inclusion in Farmington Public Schools

This website is designed to help you find information and resources that relate to our ongoing efforts to create an inclusive culture of respect, belonging and high expectations in every school.


Superintendent’s Message

Superintendent’s Message on Social Media and Cyberbullying

We recognize that students come to us with diverse experiences, interests, and needs. It is therefore essential that all students have access to challenging and personally meaningful curriculum and instruction. Teachers, administrators and staff are committed to the pursuit of excellence for all students, meeting them where they are, and providing resources, flexible pathways, and targeted support to remove barriers to opportunity. We believe that equity is a fundamental value of a high quality education and that diversity is an asset to our school community.

In Farmington, we want every child to feel cared for as an individual and as a member of our school and classroom communities. In partnership with families, students, faculty, and staff, we seek to uphold equity as a fundamental value of public education – a value that embraces diversity as an asset to our school community.

  • Hiring of K-12 Equity and Inclusion Coordinator
  • School-based Equity Leadership Teams in every school
  • Community Council for Equity and Inclusion
  • Co-develop cultural competence among faculty and families through school-based events and curriculum projects
  • Build faculty capacity to recognize and respond to bias-related incidents
  • Recruit for and support diversity in the faculty hiring process
  • Audit and add to text collections to reflect diversity and multiple perspectives
  • Amplify and support student voice and leadership to promote social justice thinking
  • Integrate restorative circles as a response to “intent vs. impact” situations
  • Provide support through Family-School Liaisons in every school
  • Support opportunities for rigorous coursework

As a school district we stand in unity against any form of racism, discrimination, or hurtful treatment of individuals based on race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, ability status, family structure, or any other protected class.

If you feel your child has been treated with disrespect, harmed, harassed, or otherwise denied an opportunity because of a bias-related situation or incident, please promptly communicate with your child’s teacher, counselor, or administrator to report the situation or visit Safe School Climate Reporting Form for more information.

For more than 50 years, the Hartford Region Open Choice Program (formally Project Concern) has been offering Hartford students the opportunity to attend public schools in suburban towns, and suburban students the opportunity to attend public schools in Hartford, at no cost to the student’s family. To learn more about the program visit Open Choice.

Farmington Public Schools is one of the founding districts and has continuously worked in partnership with Open Choice staff to ensure our students and families are supported and affirmed. Our Family School Liaisons are utilized to ensure that our families have an advocate who will monitor their child’s needs, answer questions, and help solve problems that are sometimes magnified due to distance and perhaps cultural misunderstandings.

Family School Liaisons partner with families in the following ways:

  • Support their children’s education;
  • Monitor their academic, social, and emotional progress and;
  • Advocate for their children when necessary.

Family Engagement Facilitator  

Kristen Wilder, Ed.D, Phone: 860-677-1659 Ext:  3258    Email:  wilderk@fpsct.org

Family School Liaison


Email Address

Taylor Kiveliyk

East Farms School


Chris Loomis

Farmington High School


Nancy Nelson

Noah Wallace School


Hillary McMullen

Noah Wallace Schoolmcmullenh@fpsct.org

Melissa Robinson

Irving A. Robbins Middle School


Kirsten Morris

Union School


Maureen Wondoloski

West Woods Upper Elementary


Nicole Collins

West District Elementary


Bryan Giansanti

West District Elementary


For detailed information, please visit our CCEI webpage at: https://sites.google.com/fpsct.org/ccei/home


  • Monitor and provide feedback on district priorities using the FPS Equity Framework
  • Learn about and consider ways to address unconscious bias
  • Model the norms of civil discourse and collaborative problem solving
  • Engage with outside experts and partners
  • Discuss ways to improve an inclusive climate and culture in our schools
  • Support action at the school level to promote Equity Framework goals and representatives of this council

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. ~Coretta Scott King

Our commitment: We, as educators, recognize that implicit and unconscious bias can shape our interactions with families. Therefore, we are committed to self-examine our bias in order to remove barriers for effective and meaningful family engagement. We are committed to a trusting and honest partnership with families. We will hear and validate family stories and experiences without judgement or discrimination.

Equity Framework: Community Engagement [ Develop a deeper understanding of biases and beliefs in an effort to dismantle racism and other forms of oppression or discrimination]

Building Awareness




To test yourself for hidden bias visit Project Implicit

Organizations to Follow

Local Museums

Community Resources for Caregivers

If you would like to contribute to this list please email Natalie Simpson, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator at simpsonn@fpsct.org.

How we support English Learners (ELs)

English Learners (ELs) speak and/or understand another language besides English in their homes. ELs are supported and instructed on social and academic language needs.

English Learners in Farmington schools speak many different languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish, and Telugu. English Learners make up approximately 4% of the student population in Farmington Schools.

Visit FPS Language Learners page to learn about the identification process and resources.



Community Affinity Groups


Mission Statement~The Concerned Parents of Color- Farmington, advocate and work collaboratively with Farmington Public Schools and the Farmington community to foster and create a diverse and equitable educational experience for Black and Brown students.

Contact: Jessica Harrison | Email: jessica.harrison860@gmail.com; Yahmina Penn | Email: yahminapenn@yahoo.com


Mission Statement~Farmington Cares was created by a group of residents to support the LGBTQIA+ community members and youth.

Contact: Farmingtonctcares@gmail.com

Natalie Simpson       Phone: 860-673-8270 Ext:  5410                Email:  simpsonn@fpsct.org

Farmington Public Schools are delayed two hours due to inclement weather. No morning preschool. Farmington EXCL is open at its standard locations and time.