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I know myself and how to care
for my own well-being.

I can assess my own personal strengths and needs, persist in overcoming obstacles to reach my own goals, make wise choices and informed decisions, and adapt to new challenges and opportunities by regulating my emotions and adjusting my behavior to positively impact myself and others.

I am learning to exhibit:

· Emotional Regulation
· Well-being
· My own sense of Identity
· Confidence
· Integrity
· Gratitude

Farmington public schools produce self aware students. Global Citizens.


I am a knowledgeable, reflective,
and resourceful learner.

I can explore interests, take initiative, ask questions and conduct research. I can use technology and media tools skillfully, and learn from my successes and failures by engaging in feedback and self-assessment protocols.

I am learning to exhibit:

· Agency
· Resilience
· Organization
· Resourcefulness
· Curiosity Initiative


I can apply strategic thinking to
develop ideas and solve problems.

I am a critical consumer of information recognizing point of view and bias. I can reason with evidence, synthesize and evaluate data, and connect concepts and ideas while thinking creatively and flexibly to design and develop innovative solutions, strategies, and outcomes.

I am learning to exhibit:

· Focus
· Creativity
· Logical Reasoning
· Attention to Accuracy
· Flexibility
· Persistence

Farmington public schools produce disciplined thinkers. Global Citizens.


I can work effectively and respectfully
with diverse groups of people.

I can actively listen and seek to understand the ideas of others, self-monitoring for biased thinking. I can create inclusive environments for dialogue that establish and adhere to group norms for effective communication and conflict resolution.

I am learning to exhibit:

· Empathy
· Perspective
· Open-Mindedness
· Personal Accountability
· Effective Communication
· Adaptability


I can actively contribute to a
better world community.

I understand complex interdependent systems and their impact on people and the environment. I question prevailing assumptions, develop my cultural competence, and seek solutions through negotiation and compromise in order to contribute to the betterment of my local/global communities through service and civic participation.

I am learning to exhibit:

· Compassion
· Global Fluency
· Cultural Competence
· Responsibility
· Service

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