Arts in the Community


The Farmington Visual Arts Department strives to work in partnership with parents, community members, and organizations within the community in an effort to present our students with real world experiences and every possible opportunity to expand understanding and appreciation of the fine and applied arts.

Rebel Dog Installation

Students Lindsay Fiedler, Yana Tsyvis, Maya DeGrand, and Natalia Nitendel joined a Pilot ASPIRE Installation Art course with FHS teacher, Mrs. Beth Reiser. Students designed and created an art installation to engage our community and connect with a local business. As a class, we envisioned Rebel Dog as an ideal space to display this art installation. The owner of Rebel Dog Coffee and their staff agreed and were great partners. Now, people from our community can celebrate our collaborative exhibition while also supporting a small business.

This installation reflects our intricate creative process, from flowering plants at farms to a delicious beverage in the customer’s hand. We wanted to emphasize our contribution to climate change and how environmental issues impact all steps in the coffee market. Most of the materials used were recycled from the store or from our own waste. Through this piece, we ask you to think about your contribution to the processes that deliver us another cup of coffee. Author: Yana Tsyvis

Drive-In K-12 Art Show

Traditionally, the Farmington Public Schools has celebrated the work of our artists across the district at the Farmington Public Library. Due to the safety concerns during the Pandemic, we decided to innovate and have a Drive-In Art Show. The Art Department photographed their student’s work and images of them working. The Art Department Leader edited all of the work together into a movie with animations, sound, and sound effects. National Art Honor Society students and the AV department helped with organizing the show and projecting the work onto the wall. The community packed the faculty parking lot of FHS to safely watch and celebrate the work of our students. Overall it was an exciting event that reflects the district’s commitment to innovation and the tenacity of our community in the face of adversity.


Students in Mr. Corrigan’s Alternative Energy Vehicle course design and build cars that are put to the test at Lime Rock Park. The cars run on solar batteries, so design and driving style contribute on the length of the race.

Farmington Public Schools are delayed two hours due to inclement weather. No morning preschool. Farmington EXCL is open at its standard locations and time.