West Woods Upper
Elementary School

Upper Elementary

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Farmington Global Citizens a Community Empowered Kind Grateful the Future Open-Minded Adaptable Persistent Reflective Innovators Caring Confident Contributors Curious Resourceful Responsible Resilient Empathetic Exceptional Warmhearted Welcoming

West Woods Upper Elementary

West Woods Upper Elementary School is home to over 630 grades five and six students, as well as over 90 educators. The West Woods community creates a strong bridge between elementary school and middle school, and prioritizes a learning environment that supports students physically, emotionally, socially, and academically. The mission of the Farmington Public Schools is to enable all students to achieve academic and personal excellence, exhibit persistent effort and live as resourceful, inquiring and contributing global citizens aligned to our Vision of the Global Citizen. At West Woods, students are challenged to be self-aware individuals, empowered learners, disciplined thinkers, engaged collaborators, and civic-minded contributors. 

Assistant Principal Nicole Vibert and Principal Dr. Katie Blore

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