K-12 Program Description

Choir performs at promotion.

The Farmington Public Schools Music Department offers a mastery-based standards curriculum through the four musical processes of creating, performing, responding and connecting. A variety of music instruction occurs in all schools for our students from kindergarten through high school.

At the K-4 elementary schools, general music classes occur twice a week on a three-day rotation for approximately 35-40 minutes. Students explore singing, performing with instruments, music literacy, listening, and movement. A choral experience is open to fourth grade students before school once a week (any student who matches pitch may participate.) Our Suzuki-based string program begins in third grade. In addition to group lessons, orchestra class occurs in the fourth grade. Choral and string students perform in winter and spring concerts.

At West Woods Upper Elementary School, fifth and sixth grade students may elect one or two music classes. Band instruction begins in grade five. Choral and String instruction are a continuation of the K-4 program. Band and Orchestra students meet for group lessons on a rotating basis and in large ensemble classes. Chorus students are placed in one of four choral ensembles offered during the school day. Students must be able to match pitch to participate in choral ensembles. After school ensembles are offered for students participating in the music program at WWUES.

Grades 5-6 music Curriculum

Irving Robbins Middle School offers seventh and eighth grade students three performance electives: Band, Chorus, and Orchestra. Band and orchestra students meet for a group lesson on a rotating basis and large ensemble classes. Chorus meets in a large ensemble class. Students elect one or two performing ensembles. Music courses meet on a daily basis during the middle of the school day. After school ensembles are available for students already participating in an ensemble during the school day. Students who participate in these groups are selected by audition only.

The high school music program offers a variety of courses for student to elect. A full description of high school course are in the FHS Program of Studies. Our program offers general music and performance-based classes with varying levels of ensembles in each genre (band, chorus, orchestra.) A placement audition determines the level of ensemble each student may elect. Guitar classes are open to any student who would like to enroll in a non-performing music course. AP Music Theory is for more advanced music students. The Performer to Podium Capstone is available to students in the most advanced level ensembles who wish to pursue an independent project of inquiry. Well over 40 percent of the high school student body enrolls in at least one music course. There are four music ensembles offered by audition in the evening for students who are a member of a FHS ensemble: Jazz Band, Chamber Orchestra, Oriana, and Madrigal Singers.

For more information regarding individual school music programs, visit this website for K-12 music faculty. Individual teachers have their own web page.

Farmington Public Schools including Farmington Collaborative Preschool and Farmington Continuing Education are closed on Tuesday, February 13, 2024 due to inclement weather.

EXCL will be opened with modified hours. EXCL will operate from 12:00 - 5:00 PM at Noah Wallace School for students who have pre-enrolled in the 2023-2024 Inclement Weather Program.