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The Farmington Board of Education policy regarding the community’s role in the schools states:

“The Board of Education believes that the education of children is a cooperative effort among parents, students, the schools, and the community. Schools and parents must work together as knowledgeable partners. The Board of Education belief is grounded, in part, in the educational research that demonstrates parent involvement improves student achievement. In this policy, the word ‘parent’ also includes guardians and other family members involved in supervising the child’s schooling.”

All meetings are open to the public and each regular meeting includes an opportunity for public comment at the beginning of the meeting. The board typically meets on alternate Mondays September through June. You may check the schedule for specific dates by clicking on the link below.

A listing of meeting dates are available below or by calling (860) 673-8270.

BOE Meeting Dates (PDF) 2023-2024

BOE Meeting Dates (PDF) 2024-2025

Agendas and minutes of board meetings are posted below. Minutes of Board meetings and complete agenda information can also be obtained from the Office of the Superintendent.

Meetings are recorded and posted by Nutmeg Television at

To view an Archive of Meetings, please see

BOE Minutes

Minutes can be viewed at the following link:

BOE Agendas

Agendas can be viewed at the following link:

For agendas and other items related to the Elementary Ad Hoc Committee, please click here.

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