Core Beliefs


Farmington Public Schools

As members of this learning organization, we hold ourselves accountable to these beliefs which guide our daily work. These beliefs frame our goals, program development, and support systems. These beliefs focus instruction, curriculum, and assessment to ensure that all students achieve at high levels. Farmington communicates its rigorous expectations through its programs and core content standards.

Actions Matter

We are the upholders of a respectful, inclusive, and welcoming school environment. Through our actions we tell our students that we believe in them and their ability to succeed and grow. We are committed to ensuring that every student feels known and supported. We will intervene when needed to restore trust and care for others. We believe that our actions demonstrate our high expectations for ALL students.

Excellence Matters

We strive for excellence and benchmark our outcomes against global standards of achievement, citizenship and scholarship. We value integrity and compassion in the pursuit of our goals and embrace feedback and critique of our work. Routinely, we express gratitude to each other, our families, and our students for partnering with us in the spirit of continuous improvement. We use data-informed practices to achieve our intended results. We believe that excellence is attainable through sustained collaborative effort.

Equity Matters

We recognize that our students are individuals with multi-faceted and diverse, evolving identities. As learners we must confront our own biases in order to be culturally responsive educators. It is essential that all students have access to challenging and meaningful curriculum and instruction with flexible pathways and open access to advanced levels of learning. We believe that equitable opportunity is a fundamental value of a high-quality education, and that diversity is an asset to our school community.

Mindset Matters

We understand that learning is a lifelong endeavor filled with successes and challenges. As agents of our own learning, we demonstrate a growth mindset and develop persistence, resilience, and confidence through self-directed inquiry. We remain optimistic and open-minded in the face of challenge and we have the humility to rethink our own assumptions. We believe that our positive outlook helps to create a joyful learning environment.

Teamwork Matters

We know that working together makes us stronger and more effective. Teaming is core to the way we do our work as it nurtures innovation and the power of shared accountability. Our approach to collaborative continuous improvement encourages all stakeholders to engage as active contributors to excellence in teaching and learning. We believe that teamwork lifts all voices and creates a sense of community.

Well-Being Matters

We are role models of healthy behavior and good decision-making. When we demonstrate the ability to manage stress, regulate our emotions, and balance the demands of a busy life, we show one another that taking care of one’s self is a necessary companion to caring for others. Social, emotional and physical well-being impacts academic achievement. We believe that caring for the whole child is our responsibility.

Farmington Public Schools are delayed two hours due to inclement weather. No morning preschool. Farmington EXCL is open at its standard locations and time.