IAR Music Students as Empowered Learners Northern Regional Music Festival

On December 9th, eighty-five (85) music students from Irving A. Robbins participated in the 2023-2024 Connecticut Music Educators Association (CMEA) Northern Regional Festival auditions at King Philip Middle School in West Hartford, CT. The students were required to perform scales, prepare a song, and demonstrate their ability to sight-read a passage of unknown music in under a minute for a pair of adjudicators. Throughout the preparation process, students independently practiced using recordings and criteria provided on the CMEA website at home. They worked with music teachers during lessons to explore rubric criteria and set goals for practice, given self-assessment of their progress and teacher feedback. Students received a graded rubric with detailed feedback from adjudicators on their technique and music literacy demonstration. IAR music teachers and administrators are proud of all eighty-five students (85) for their resilience and agency in preparing for the audition. 

Fifty-two (52) students qualified to participate in the Northern Regionals Middle School Festival on March 8th and 9th, 2024, at Plainville High School. 



Wesley Dufort (Alto Sax)

Aniket Menon (Alto Sax)

Jason Mok (Alto Sax)

Reese Bishop (Baritone Sax)

Sofia Akhmedov (Bb Clarinet)

Aman Arun (Bb Clarinet)

Devarajan Balaji (Bb Clarinet)

Jacob Lee (Bb Clarinet)

Shrimeghna Madhugundu (Flute)

Ethan Ning (Flute)

Mackenzie Fenton (Oboe)

David Gorgy (Oboe)

Jazz Band: Acadian Eliot-Wild (Jazz Tromb) 



Aarav Arora (Alto)

April Ge (Alto)

Samantha Hollyoak (Alto)

Evie Kaliney (Alto)

Jia Kapadia (Alto)

Shaurya Kaushik (Alto)

Tilly Kelly (Alto)

Anna Lyons (Alto)

Rohan Nair (Alto)

Navya Padalia (Alto)

Annika Paul (Alto)

Chenmiao Qiu (Alto)

Raika Sarkar (Alto)

Raaga Satyavarapu (Alto)

Tejaswi Sirikonda (Alto)

Shashank Sreenivas (Alto)

Ella Cordeiro (Soprano)

Chloe Giesing (Soprano)

Mara Grocki (Soprano)

Fatimah Hoque (Soprano)



Xavier Behrens (Bass Clarinet)

Talya Hadari (Cello)

Evelyn Jung (Cello)

Arjun Mishra (Cello)

Will Paul (Cello)

Gabriel Anyimadu (Double Bass)

Favour Adekola (French Horn)

Liam Dauphinais (Viola)

Yunhan Gao (Viola)

Ethan Liu (Viola)

Sophia Cao (Violin)

Seth Kalansuriya (Violin)

Emma Koh (Violin)

Jamie Lee (Violin)

Louis Lin (Violin)

Jingtong Liu (Violin)

Sukriti Malepati (Violin)

Isabella Rios (Violin)

Steven Sadlowski (Violin)

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