School Registration


Two Farmington high school students on their way to class.

New Student School Registration

Parents/guardians are required to register students new to the Farmington Public School system. Our registration process is online and begins with a short online pre-registration form. Once complete and submitted, the registrant (parent/guardian) will receive an email with a link to complete additional registration information. All information must be completed/submitted to the school in order for your child to start school. Click on the appropriate link below to start the process.

Click here to begin Pre-registration for grades 1-12 for the UPCOMING school year (2024-2025)

Click here to begin Pre-registration for Pre-K and Kindergarten for the UPCOMING school year (2024-2025) 

Las Escuelas Públicas de Farmington se retrasan dos horas debido a las inclemencias del tiempo. No hay preescolar matutino. Farmington EXCL está abierto en sus lugares y horarios habituales.