Young Entrepreneurs

Students, campers, or young entrepreneurs? This summer, our EXCL Summer Camp is collaborating in a camp store that involves planning, creating, and implementing different elements of entrepreneurship. The store will be built from the ground up by the campers. Amanda Michaud wrote and successfully was awarded a grant to bring to our EXCL Summer Camp of 2023 with the focus of STEM and SEL. Campers have been able to plan, create, and implement different elements of entrepreneurship through a store. The overall project is to help our campers understand the importance of money, teamwork, creativity/design, use of technology that they may not be familiar with, strategic planning, forward-thinking and so much more. The project also aligns with all social-emotional core competencies; self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Farmington Public Schools are delayed two hours due to inclement weather. No morning preschool. Farmington EXCL is open at its standard locations and time.