Press Release – Retirement


Farmington Public Schools announce the retirement of Mrs. Lori Wyrebek, our exemplary
Coordinator of Continuing Education, after twenty-five years of unwavering dedication and
outstanding service to our school district.

Lori Wyrebek has been an integral part of our district’s educational landscape, tirelessly
contributing to the growth and success of Farmington Continuing Education. Her passion for lifelong learning and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in expanding Farmington Continuing Education’s reach regionally, benefiting countless students and adults within our community and beyond.

Under Lori Wyrebek’s leadership, Farmington Continuing Education has flourished, offering a diverse array of courses and opportunities tailored to meet the evolving needs of our community. Her innovative approach and collaborative spirit have fostered a supportive learning environment where individuals of all ages have been empowered to pursue their educational and personal goals.

Superintendent Greider commented, “Lori Wyrebek’s innovative leadership approach has shaped Farmington’s Continuing Education’s expansion over many years. Serving the Farmington community as well as several surrounding communities, Lori has been a collaborative partner, entrepreneur and expert in the areas of mandated and enrichment programming. The Farmington community and beyond have benefited from Lori’s leadership in countless ways and we thank her for her exemplary leadership and commitment to Farmington Continuing Education for the past 25 years.”

Chair Bill Beckert shared, “In my 15 years on the Board of Education, I have had the pleasure of watching Lori Wyrebek’s leadership grow and evolve, making a profound impact on our community. During annual Board of Education presentations, she has shared her approach to enriching the lives of residents through both mandated and enrichment programming. Her collaborative work with community members, students, administration and businesses has been a model for Continuing Education Programs across Connecticut. On behalf of the Board of Education, we extend our deepest appreciation to Lori and we wish her and her family the very best as she enters a new chapter.”

Lori Wyrebek stated “I am proud to lead a team of passionate adult educators dedicated to
providing high-quality, accessible educational opportunities that have enriched the lives of
individuals in our town and neighboring communities. Thank you to the Farmington Public
Schools and Board of Education for their support and opportunity to learn and grow. Continue to embrace your journey of lifelong learning, pursue your passions and create a meaningful impact in the world.”

Throughout her tenure, Lori Wyrebek has exemplified the core beliefs of the Farmington Public Schools through her unwavering commitment to educational excellence, teamwork, equity, well-being, mindset and through her actions as the steward for continuing education in Farmington.

As Lori Wyrebek embarks on her next steps, the Farmington Public Schools extends its sincere gratitude and best wishes for a fulfilling retirement. Her legacy of excellence and dedication will continue to inspire us all as we continue to uphold the mission and values of our district.

Please join us in celebrating Lori Wyrebek’s remarkable career and thanking her for her
outstanding service to our district and community.

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