Press Release – FPS Announces Assistant Superintendent Retirement

The Farmington Board of Education and Superintendent Greider announce the retirement of Mrs. Kimberly Wynne, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Human Resources for the Farmington Public Schools, effective December, 2024.  


Mrs. Kim Wynne has served as the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Human Resources for the Farmington Public Schools since 2012.  She has also served several roles within the Farmington Public Schools and in December, she will have served a total of forty (40) stellar years of service to the school district. Her dedication to the children, families, faculty and staff of Farmington has been unparalleled throughout her career. In all aspects of her leadership, Ms. Wynne has brought high expectations, a student-centered approach, a deep knowledge of curriculum and instruction and a commitment to equity and innovation. She is an exceptional leader who has utilized community input and feedback to assist in the design and implementation of Farmington’s future-oriented core improvement documents which drive continuous improvement PreK-12 in Farmington. All of Farmington’s systems, structures and improvement routines are aligned to these documents and directly impact what students experience as leaders and agents of their own learning each day.  As a result, students experience caring classroom environments and highly engaging learning tasks that promote students as self aware individuals, empowered learners, disciplined thinkers, engaged collaborators, and civic-minded contributors.  Mrs. Wynne’s collaborative approach to her work has advanced all aspects of her job responsibilities with a strong emphasis on relationships and care for all members of the school district.    


Mrs. Wynne’s commitment to excellence has led to impressive results in student outcomes over the course of her career aligned to an innovative instructional model and curriculum design, our core beliefs and our Vision of the Global Citizen. Recently, she has championed our school district’s work in the area of deeper learning experiences for all students that reflect high levels of student engagement, agency and curiosity aligned to real world learning tasks that have meaning and value to learners.  


Superintendent Greider shared, “Ms. Wynne’s innovative approach to continuous improvement has accelerated Farmington’s improvement efforts so that all students achieve academic and personal excellence, exhibit persistent effort and live as resourceful, inquiring and contributing global citizens.  Farmington is an award-winning school district consistently highlighted for its commitment to academic excellence, student voice and leadership as well as innovative teaching, learning and assessment practices that reflect equity and inclusivity.  Ms. Wynne’s leadership consistently has contributed to the success of our school district, schools, students, faculty and staff.  She has served as an outstanding and forward-thinking instructional leader in Connecticut and beyond. Each member of our school district community has the ability to shape our school district. Ms. Wynne took that responsibility very seriously and we are a better place because of her care, expertise and leadership.  Ms. Wynne will be deeply missed and her legacy will live on within our improvement design as well as within our hearts for many years to come.


Board Chair Bill Beckert shared, “I have been fortunate to watch Ms. Wynne’s leadership grow and evolve over the time she has served as Assistant Superintendent.  Working with the Board of Education, Ms. Wynne has led with a student-centered approach and instilled in each one of us the importance of putting student learning at the foundation of decision-making as stewards of the Farmington school district.  Her influence has been profound and her care for the students, families, faculty, staff, and administrators has been unwavering.


Upon her announcement of her retirement, Kim Wynne stated, “I feel so fortunate to have spent my entire career in this district, learning alongside such dedicated educators and leaders. Together, as a community, we continuously strive to make learning inclusive, engaging, and challenging. Education matters. I am grateful to have been a part of this work, to have developed lasting friendships with my colleagues and to have served the children and families of Farmington.”


Please join the entire school district in extending our deepest appreciation to an extraordinary leader who has given so much to Farmington.  We wish her great happiness, fulfillment and joy in her retirement.  


Brief Bio: 

Kimberly Wynne began her career in Farmington as a kindergarten teacher at West District School. She went on to teach sixth and eighth grade and served as the Language Arts Resource Teacher at IAR Middle School. In 1999-2000, she was selected to be Farmington’s Teacher of the Year. Her leadership roles included Thinking Skills Coordinator, Director of Literacy, and Director of Curriculum prior to becoming Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction in July, 2012. Ms. Wynne holds a Master’s Degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Vassar College. 

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