Noah Wallace Math Night

After a 2 year hiatus, approximately 200 people attended the Noah Wallace Family Math and Game Night on Thursday, March 23rd. Math Specialist Tara Lucidon and Pre-K teacher Sydney Magaldi organized the evening event.  The highly attended event ran smoothly with the generous support from 10 Noah Wallace teachers and 8 students from student council who helped run the games and assure that families had the resources they needed to solve the highly engaging problems for all ages. The library had activities geared toward younger learners while the gymnasium had dozens of math activities for Kindergarten age and up.  The Noah Wallace PTO served pizza and cookies as families played Bingo in the cafeteria. A great time was had by all!

schoolchildren standing

Farmington Public Schools are delayed two hours due to inclement weather. No morning preschool. Farmington EXCL is open at its standard locations and time.