ELL Potluck

Our English Language Learner families were invited to a social on Monday night, where 65 people enjoyed food from around the world at a potluck! Families brought samples of food from their native culture so everyone was able to try items such as empanadas with cheese (Ecuador), sweet rice pudding (Ski Lanka), salmon sushi (Japan), crepes (Belarus), sesame balls (China), and vegetable rice (India). Over 16 countries were represented! In addition to sampling delicious foods, families played a variety of language-based games. Talking and laughter could be heard all around the room as families engaged in playing games such as Uno, Headbands, Slapzi, Apples to Apples, and more.  

parent and child standing in front of dish of food

Farmington Public Schools are delayed two hours due to inclement weather. No morning preschool. Farmington EXCL is open at its standard locations and time.