East Farms- Night of Art & Culture

The East Farms School Community celebrated diversity and artwork with a Night of Art & Culture event on Thursday, May 11th, after a two-year break. Students arrived and received a sticker that proclaimed, “I’m an Artist,” and Art teacher Andriana Donlon had the hallways filled with beautiful artwork from every student that they could show off to their families. A scavenger hunt was available, so viewers had to examine the details in the works of art. Families were invited to bring cultural artifacts for a table display which showed representation from countries such as Portugal, Albania, Canada, China, Japan, Greece, and more. IAR choir teacher Catherine Sullivan brought 17 students who performed a variety of songs during the event.  One parent led a demonstration of how to make sushi, while another parent created bookmarks with the children’s names in Chinese. East Farms PTO and Mrs. Donlon’s Artsonia program generously supported the event with funds to provide workshops including a henna artist, textile artists, and a DJ for dancing highlighting many of the cultures within our school community. The highly attended event ran smoothly with the generous support from many East Farms teachers and parents who volunteered that night.  This night was a great way to celebrate our diverse community of learners. 

girl with henna art

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